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MJR Tumblers will polish your rocks and gemstones for FREE!

Posted by Matthew Romey on

MJR TUMBLERS will polish your gemstones for FREE. Yes that’s right - FREE!!! We are looking to make 6 HOW TO VIDEOS showing step by step how to polish your gemstones with our tumblers. We are looking for all different kinds and sizes.

To be considered, you must have a minimum of 12 pounds, and a maximum of 25 pounds of stones. If you meet this criteria, please do the following:

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Join our mailing list for useful tips, tricks, discounts and offers (Like this one) and email us at with the kind of stones you have, and at least 2 (two) pictures of your washed raw stones.

If you are picked to be one of the 6 (six) lucky winners, we will email you a prepaid US Postal Service postage label to attach to a Medium Flat Rate Box which is available for free at any post office. Simply ship the stones to us, and we will polish them up for you.

In addition, we will make a video stating who they are from, where they are from, and step by step instructions on how to polish them. When finished, we will mail them back to you for FREE! The finished videos will then be posted on our website and on social media for everyone to watch and enjoy.

Best of luck to all you Rockhounds!

MJR Tumblers

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